JMLR Special Topic on Learning from Electronic Health Data

Interleaved Text/Image Deep Mining on a Large-Scale Radiology Database for Automated Image Interpretation
Hoo-Chang Shin, Le Lu, Lauren Kim, Ari Seff, Jianhua Yao, Ronald M. Summers; 17(107):1−31, 2016.

Patient Risk Stratification with Time-Varying Parameters: A Multitask Learning Approach
Jenna Wiens, John Guttag, Eric Horvitz; 17(209):1−23, 2016.

Extracting PICO Sentences from Clinical Trial Reports using Supervised Distant Supervision
Byron C. Wallace, Joël Kuiper, Aakash Sharma, Mingxi (Brian) Zhu, Iain J. Marshall; 17(132):1−25, 2016.

The Factorized Self-Controlled Case Series Method: An Approach for Estimating the Effects of Many Drugs on Many Outcomes
Ramin Moghaddass, Cynthia Rudin, David Madigan; 17(185):1−24, 2016.

Decrypting ``Cryptogenic'' Epilepsy: Semi-supervised Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields For Detecting Cortical Lesions In MRI-Negative Patients
Bilal Ahmed, Thomas Thesen, Karen E. Blackmon, Ruben Kuzniekcy, Orrin Devinsky, Carla E. Brodley; 17(112):1−30, 2016.

Electronic Health Record Analysis via Deep Poisson Factor Models
Ricardo Henao, James T. Lu, Joseph E. Lucas, Jeffrey Ferranti, Lawrence Carin; 17(186):1−32, 2016.

Cross-Corpora Unsupervised Learning of Trajectories in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Huseyin Melih Elibol, Vincent Nguyen, Scott Linderman, Matthew Johnson, Amna Hashmi, Finale Doshi-Velez; 17(133):1−38, 2016.

Integrative Analysis using Coupled Latent Variable Models for Individualizing Prognoses
Peter Schulam, Suchi Saria; 17(234):1−35, 2016.

Structure-Leveraged Methods in Breast Cancer Risk Prediction
Jun Fan, Yirong Wu, Ming Yuan, David Page, Jie Liu, Irene M. Ong, Peggy Peissig, Elizabeth Burnside; 17(235):1−15, 2016.

Multi-Objective Markov Decision Processes for Data-Driven Decision Support
Daniel J. Lizotte, Eric B. Laber; 17(211):1−28, 2016.

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