JMLR Volume 5

Learning Rates for Q-learning
Eyal Even Dar, Yishay Mansour; 5(Dec):1--25, 2003.
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Learning the Kernel Matrix with Semidefinite Programming
Gert R.G. Lanckriet, Nello Cristianini, Peter Bartlett, Laurent El Ghaoui, Michael I. Jordan; 5(Jan):27--72, 2004.
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Dimensionality Reduction for Supervised Learning with Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
Kenji Fukumizu, Francis R. Bach, Michael I. Jordan; 5(Jan):73--99, 2004.
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In Defense of One-Vs-All Classification
Ryan Rifkin, Aldebaro Klautau; 5(Jan):101--141, 2004.
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Lossless Online Bayesian Bagging
Herbert K. H. Lee, Merlise A. Clyde; 5(Feb):143--151, 2004.
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Subgroup Discovery with CN2-SD
Nada Lavrač, Branko Kavšek, Peter Flach, Ljupčo Todorovski; 5(Feb):153--188, 2004.
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Generalization Error Bounds for Threshold Decision Lists
Martin Anthony; 5(Feb):189--217, 2004.
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On the Importance of Small Coordinate Projections
Shahar Mendelson, Petra Philips; 5(Mar):219--238, 2004.
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Weather Data Mining Using Independent Component Analysis
Jayanta Basak, Anant Sudarshan, Deepak Trivedi, M. S. Santhanam; 5(Mar):239--253, 2004.
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Online Choice of Active Learning Algorithms
Yoram Baram, Ran El Yaniv, Kobi Luz; 5(Mar):255--291, 2004.
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A Compression Approach to Support Vector Model Selection
Ulrike von Luxburg, Olivier Bousquet, Bernhard Schölkopf; 5(Apr):293--323, 2004.
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A Geometric Approach to Multi-Criterion Reinforcement Learning
Shie Mannor, Nahum Shimkin; 5(Apr):325--360, 2004.
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RCV1: A New Benchmark Collection for Text Categorization Research
David D. Lewis, Yiming Yang, Tony G. Rose, Fan Li; 5(Apr):361--397, 2004.
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Distributional Scaling: An Algorithm for Structure-Preserving Embedding of Metric and Nonmetric Spaces
Michael Quist, Golan Yona; 5(Apr):399--420, 2004.
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Learning Ensembles from Bites: A Scalable and Accurate Approach
Nitesh V. Chawla, Lawrence O. Hall, Kevin W. Bowyer, W. Philip Kegelmeyer; 5(Apr):421--451, 2004.
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Robust Principal Component Analysis with Adaptive Selection for Tuning Parameters
Isao Higuchi, Shinto Eguchi; 5(May):453--471, 2004.
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PAC-learnability of Probabilistic Deterministic Finite State Automata
Alexander Clark, Franck Thollard; 5(May):473--497, 2004.
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Sources of Success for Boosted Wrapper Induction
David Kauchak, Joseph Smarr, Charles Elkan; 5(May):499--527, 2004.
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Computable Shell Decomposition Bounds
John Langford, David McAllester; 5(May):529--547, 2004.
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Exact Bayesian Structure Discovery in Bayesian Networks
Mikko Koivisto, Kismat Sood; 5(May):549--573, 2004.
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A Universal Well-Calibrated Algorithm for On-line Classification     (Special Topic on Learning Theory)
Vladimir Vovk; 5(Jun):575--604, 2004.
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New Techniques for Disambiguation in Natural Language and Their Application to Biological Text
Filip Ginter, Jorma Boberg, Jouni Järvinen, Tapio Salakoski; 5(Jun):605--621, 2004.
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The Sample Complexity of Exploration in the Multi-Armed Bandit Problem     (Special Topic on Learning Theory)
Shie Mannor, John N. Tsitsiklis; 5(Jun):623--648, 2004.
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Preference Elicitation and Query Learning     (Special Topic on Learning Theory)
Avrim Blum, Jeffrey Jackson, Tuomas Sandholm, Martin Zinkevich; 5(Jun):649--667, 2004.
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Distance-Based Classification with Lipschitz Functions     (Special Topic on Learning Theory)
Ulrike von Luxburg, Olivier Bousquet; 5(Jun):669--695, 2004.
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Hierarchical Latent Class Models for Cluster Analysis
Nevin L. Zhang; 5(Jun):697--723, 2004.
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Bias-Variance Analysis of Support Vector Machines for the Development of SVM-Based Ensemble Methods
Giorgio Valentini, Thomas G. Dietterich; 5(Jul):725--775, 2004.
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A Fast Algorithm for Joint Diagonalization with Non-orthogonal Transformations and its Application to Blind Source Separation
Andreas Ziehe, Pavel Laskov, Guido Nolte, Klaus-Robert Müller; 5(Jul):777--800, 2004.
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Feature Discovery in Non-Metric Pairwise Data
Julian Laub, Klaus-Robert Müller; 5(Jul):801--818, 2004.
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Probability Product Kernels     (Special Topic on Learning Theory)
Tony Jebara, Risi Kondor, Andrew Howard; 5(Jul):819--844, 2004.
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Feature Selection for Unsupervised Learning
Jennifer G. Dy, Carla E. Brodley; 5(Aug):845--889, 2004.
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Some Dichotomy Theorems for Neural Learning Problems
Michael Schmitt; 5(Aug):891--912, 2004.
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Image Categorization by Learning and Reasoning with Regions
Yixin Chen, James Z. Wang; 5(Aug):913--939, 2004.
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Boosting as a Regularized Path to a Maximum Margin Classifier
Saharon Rosset, Ji Zhu, Trevor Hastie; 5(Aug):941--973, 2004.
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Probability Estimates for Multi-class Classification by Pairwise Coupling
Ting-Fan Wu, Chih-Jen Lin, Ruby C. Weng; 5(Aug):975--1005, 2004.
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On Robustness Properties of Convex Risk Minimization Methods for Pattern Recognition
Andreas Christmann, Ingo Steinwart; 5(Aug):1007--1034, 2004.
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Rational Kernels: Theory and Algorithms     (Special Topic on Learning Theory)
Corinna Cortes, Patrick Haffner, Mehryar Mohri; 5(Aug):1035--1062, 2004.
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Reinforcement Learning with Factored States and Actions
Brian Sallans, Geoffrey E. Hinton; 5(Aug):1063--1088, 2004.
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No Unbiased Estimator of the Variance of K-Fold Cross-Validation
Yoshua Bengio, Yves Grandvalet; 5(Sep):1089--1105, 2004.
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Selective Rademacher Penalization and Reduced Error Pruning of Decision Trees
Matti Kääriäinen, Tuomo Malinen, Tapio Elomaa; 5(Sep):1107--1126, 2004.

Knowledge-Based Kernel Approximation
Olvi L. Mangasarian, Jude W. Shavlik, Edward W. Wild; 5(Sep):1127--1141, 2004.

Support Vector Machine Soft Margin Classifiers: Error Analysis
Di-Rong Chen, Qiang Wu, Yiming Ying, Ding-Xuan Zhou; 5(Sep):1143--1175, 2004.

Model Averaging for Prediction with Discrete Bayesian Networks
Denver Dash, Gregory F. Cooper; 5(Sep):1177--1203, 2004.

Efficient Feature Selection via Analysis of Relevance and Redundancy
Lei Yu, Huan Liu; 5(Oct):1205--1224, 2004.

Statistical Analysis of Some Multi-Category Large Margin Classification Methods
Tong Zhang; 5(Oct):1225--1251, 2004.

The Minimum Error Minimax Probability Machine
Kaizhu Huang, Haiqin Yang, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu, Laiwan Chan; 5(Oct):1253--1286, 2004.

Large-Sample Learning of Bayesian Networks is NP-Hard
David Maxwell Chickering, David Heckerman, Christopher Meek; 5(Oct):1287--1330, 2004.

Randomized Variable Elimination
David J. Stracuzzi, Paul E. Utgoff; 5(Oct):1331--1362, 2004.
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Some Properties of Regularized Kernel Methods
Ernesto De Vito, Lorenzo Rosasco, Andrea Caponnetto, Michele Piana, Alessandro Verri; 5(Oct):1363--1390, 2004.

The Entire Regularization Path for the Support Vector Machine
Trevor Hastie, Saharon Rosset, Robert Tibshirani, Ji Zhu; 5(Oct):1391--1415, 2004.

Second Order Cone Programming Formulations for Feature Selection
Chiranjib Bhattacharyya; 5(Nov):1417--1433, 2004.

Fast String Kernels using Inexact Matching for Protein Sequences
Christina Leslie, Rui Kuang; 5(Nov):1435--1455, 2004.

Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Sparseness Constraints
Patrik O. Hoyer; 5(Nov):1457--1469, 2004.

Variance Reduction Techniques for Gradient Estimates in Reinforcement Learning
Evan Greensmith, Peter L. Bartlett, Jonathan Baxter; 5(Nov):1471--1530, 2004.

Fast Binary Feature Selection with Conditional Mutual Information
François Fleuret; 5(Nov):1531--1555, 2004.

The Dynamics of AdaBoost: Cyclic Behavior and Convergence of Margins
Cynthia Rudin, Ingrid Daubechies, Robert E. Schapire; 5(Dec):1557--1595, 2004.

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