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If you have any question regarding the JMLR paper submission system (e.g. you are an author or a reviewer and have some trouble accessing your account), please contact our managing editor (Aron Culotta).

If you have inquiries about publishing your paper (producing the pdf) after acceptance, please contact our production editor (Alp Kucukelbir).

Any requests for modifications (e.g. fixing a typo or meta information error) to the web pages under the JMLR website (jmlr.org) can be directed to our web master (Fabian Pedregosa).

If your paper is under review, please address any inquiries about its status to the Action Editor in charge of your paper.

The conference proceedings hosted under JMLR are managed separately. Inquiries or modifications related to the proceedings should primarily go to the corresponding organizer of that particular conference / workshop. Simple fixes of the webpages can also be directed to our proceeding series editors (Neil Lawrence and Mark Reid).

For any other issues, please contact our editors-in-chief (Francis Bach, David Blei and Bernhard Schölkopf).

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