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Memory-Based Optimization Methods for Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning and Personalized Federated Learning

Bokun Wang, Zhuoning Yuan, Yiming Ying, Tianbao Yang; 24(145):1−46, 2023.


In recent years, model-agnostic meta-learning (MAML) has become a popular research area. However, the stochastic optimization of MAML is still underdeveloped. Existing MAML algorithms rely on the “episode” idea by sampling a few tasks and data points to update the meta-model at each iteration. Nonetheless, these algorithms either fail to guarantee convergence with a constant mini-batch size or require processing a large number of tasks at every iteration, which is unsuitable for continual learning or cross-device federated learning where only a small number of tasks are available per iteration or per round. To address these issues, this paper proposes memory-based stochastic algorithms for MAML that converge with vanishing error. The proposed algorithms require sampling a constant number of tasks and data samples per iteration, making them suitable for the continual learning scenario. Moreover, we introduce a communication-efficient memory-based MAML algorithm for personalized federated learning in cross-device (with client sampling) and cross-silo (without client sampling) settings. Our theoretical analysis improves the optimization theory for MAML, and our empirical results corroborate our theoretical findings.

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