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Infinite-dimensional optimization and Bayesian nonparametric learning of stochastic differential equations

Arnab Ganguly, Riten Mitra, Jinpu Zhou; 24(159):1−39, 2023.


The paper has two major themes. The first part of the paper establishes certain general results for infinite-dimensional optimization problems on Hilbert spaces. These results cover the classical representer theorem and many of its variants as special cases and offer a wider scope of applications. The second part of the paper then develops a systematic approach for learning the drift function of a stochastic differential equation by integrating the results of the first part with Bayesian hierarchical framework. Importantly, our Bayesian approach incorporates low-cost sparse learning through proper use of shrinkage priors while allowing proper quantification of uncertainty through posterior distributions. Several examples at the end illustrate the accuracy of our learning scheme.

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