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Linear Distance Metric Learning with Noisy Labels

Meysam Alishahi, Anna Little, Jeff M. Phillips; 25(121):1−53, 2024.


In linear distance metric learning, we are given data in one Euclidean metric space and the goal is to find an appropriate linear map to another Euclidean metric space which respects certain distance conditions as much as possible. In this paper, we formalize a simple and elegant method which reduces to a general continuous convex loss optimization problem, and for different noise models we derive the corresponding loss functions. We show that even if the data is noisy, the ground truth linear metric can be learned with any precision provided access to enough samples, and we provide a corresponding sample complexity bound. Moreover, we present an effective way to truncate the learned model to a low-rank model that can provably maintain the accuracy in the loss function and in parameters -- the first such results of this type. Several experimental observations on synthetic and real data sets support and inform our theoretical results.

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