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Nonparametric Inference under B-bits Quantization

Kexuan Li, Ruiqi Liu, Ganggang Xu, Zuofeng Shang; 25(19):1−68, 2024.


Statistical inference based on lossy or incomplete samples is often needed in research areas such as signal/image processing, medical image storage, remote sensing, signal transmission. In this paper, we propose a nonparametric testing procedure based on samples quantized to $B$ bits through a computationally efficient algorithm. Under mild technical conditions, we establish the asymptotic properties of the proposed test statistic and investigate how the testing power changes as $B$ increases. In particular, we show that if $B$ exceeds a certain threshold, the proposed nonparametric testing procedure achieves the classical minimax rate of testing (Shang and Cheng, 2015) for spline models. We further extend our theoretical investigations to a nonparametric linearity test and an adaptive nonparametric test, expanding the applicability of the proposed methods. Extensive simulation studies {together with a real-data analysis} are used to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the proposed tests.

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