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Estimating the Minimizer and the Minimum Value of a Regression Function under Passive Design

Arya Akhavan, Davit Gogolashvili, Alexandre B. Tsybakov; 25(11):1−37, 2024.


We propose a new method for estimating the minimizer $\boldsymbol{x}^*$ and the minimum value $f^*$ of a smooth and strongly convex regression function $f$ from the observations contaminated by random noise. Our estimator $\boldsymbol{z}_n$ of the minimizer $\boldsymbol{x}^*$ is based on a version of the projected gradient descent with the gradient estimated by a regularized local polynomial algorithm. Next, we propose a two-stage procedure for estimation of the minimum value $f^*$ of regression function $f$. At the first stage, we construct an accurate enough estimator of $\boldsymbol{x}^*$, which can be, for example, $\boldsymbol{z}_n$. At the second stage, we estimate the function value at the point obtained in the first stage using a rate optimal nonparametric procedure. We derive non-asymptotic upper bounds for the quadratic risk and optimization risk of $\boldsymbol{z}_n$, and for the risk of estimating $f^*$. We establish minimax lower bounds showing that, under certain choice of parameters, the proposed algorithms achieve the minimax optimal rates of convergence on the class of smooth and strongly convex functions.

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