MFE: Towards reproducible meta-feature extraction

Edesio Alcobaça, Felipe Siqueira, Adriano Rivolli, Luís P. F. Garcia, Jefferson T. Oliva, André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho.

Year: 2020, Volume: 21, Issue: 111, Pages: 1−5


Automated recommendation of machine learning algorithms is receiving a large deal of attention, not only because they can recommend the most suitable algorithms for a new task, but also because they can support efficient hyper-parameter tuning, leading to better machine learning solutions. The automated recommendation can be implemented using meta-learning, learning from previous learning experiences, to create a meta-model able to associate a data set to the predictive performance of machine learning algorithms. Although a large number of publications report the use of meta-learning, reproduction and comparison of meta-learning experiments is a difficult task. The literature lacks extensive and comprehensive public tools that enable the reproducible investigation of the different meta-learning approaches. An alternative to deal with this difficulty is to develop a meta-feature extractor package with the main characterization measures, following uniform guidelines that facilitate the use and inclusion of new meta-features. In this paper, we propose two Meta-Feature Extractor (MFE) packages, written in both Python and R, to fill this lack. The packages follow recent frameworks for meta-feature extraction, aiming to facilitate the reproducibility of meta-learning experiments.

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